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Muhammad Azmat Awan   6/18/2010 4:35:26 AM
MAY ALLAH ALMIGHTY BLESS ON EACH AND EVERY MUSILAM AND ON DR.ISRAR AHMED SB Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh MAT SAHEL HEMA JANO PHERTA HA FALIK BERSOO TUB KHAK KA PERDA SEA INSAN NEKILTA HA DR. Sb was the real asstet of Islam and Musilam Ummah. May his sol rest in peace. Muhammad Azmat Awan Sialkot 0321-6134370 Submitted By: Muhammad Azmat Awan

syed ameen   6/16/2010 8:50:41 AM
remembrance of Assalamu alaikum dear brothers in Islam, i am from Chennai India whenever i feel upset i used to view his lecture (Allah sbhanawatala gave power in his voice ) i use to relaxed this was my daily habit may Allah grant him janatul firdous ameeen Submitted By: syed ameen

rehan mubarak   6/11/2010 11:37:15 PM
condolence i dont find the correct word to express my feelings. but dr. israr sahib has changed my mental aproach towards islam. after listening his lectures and reading his books i am quite a changed person now. i think he was the geatest scholar of the century. may GOD forgive his all sins and send him to janat-al-firdos and give us the rahe-hidayat to follow the true path of islam in our FANI life. Aameen Submitted By: rehan mubarak

Saqib Qureshi   6/8/2010 9:12:13 PM
learner of arabic gramer for comprehension of the Quran Indeed a remarkable scholar, preacher and mujahid for revival of islam, his services were vast and can not be summarized. His teachings will be continued through is his students andwill be sadquae jariah for him. I have also attended a course for Arabic grammar and this have been very beneficial for me, I in turn have passed the knowledge where ever I find any one interested in learning Arabic grammar in my family and friends circle and insha-Allah will continue to do so. I also believe understanding of Quran is a key for uniting Muslim ummah and revival of Islam. May Allah make his grave a place of Noor, grant him a high place in Jannat ... Aameen Submitted By: Saqib Qureshi

Shaikh Mohsin   6/7/2010 1:47:10 AM
Inspiration I dont fit in words when i think of you dr sahb , it makes me speechless. ! Submitted By: Shaikh Mohsin

Ali Shahid   6/6/2010 10:31:24 AM
join the mission of dr israr ahmed rehamullah ASSLAMUALAIKUM PLEASE COME CLOSER AND UNDERSTAND UR DUTIES OF ISLAM by joining the mission of dr israr ahmed ra Submitted By: Ali Shahid

hafizah syedahmarium ghazanfar   6/6/2010 1:34:25 AM
ma jo kuch be hoon aj ap ka sadqua jaria hoon asalam alakum ma na ap ko khoya nahe ha paya ha apna andar ap mara lea roohani walid tha oor hamasha rahain ga inshallah wasa tu dunya ma ap ke bohat se olad ha hum sub jare ap ka sadqua hain hum ap ka azam nebahain ga quran ka deep jalain ga inshallah allah ap ke aolad ko sabar da muja serif is bat ka duk ha ka ap na mare book per itna acha lik ka dea aor ma ap ko dana a na sake ama jan allah ap ka saya hum sub per salamat rakh HAFIZAH SYEDAH MARIUM GHAZANFAR GM SIDDIQUA;S DEEN-E-FITRAT ACADEMY Submitted By: hafizah syedahmarium ghazanfar

syed.Nisar Ahamed   6/4/2010 12:24:18 AM
condolence Myself Nisar from Kadapa dist., Andhra pradesh , The first time I saw Dr. Israr Ahamed on Qtv about Ten year ago , I just cannot express in words the kind of knowledge Dr.Israr Ahamed blessed by Allah (SWT).I unable to express in right way , how I can say may be there are others but What I know is Dr.Israr Ahmed is the best of the best Scholars of Quran in Urdu Language . May Allah grant him a place in Jannah for all his doings and dedications . Dr.Sab shown the other face of Allama Iqbal to world of Urdu Spoken Muslims who don't know how to read and write Urdu.In History of Urdu Scholars Dr.Sab has his own place and I hope Inshallah the coming generations in this advanced world if they can spare a little time to listen to Dr.Sab surely they will chage their life style step by step. Submitted By: syed.Nisar Ahamed

Mehmood   6/2/2010 10:55:11 PM
Dr. Israr Ahmed Allah Tala marhoom ko Jannatal Firdous main jagah ata farmae aur hamain in kay naqsh-e-qadam par chaltay huae deen ko samajhnay ki taufique ata karay. Aameen. Submitted By: Mehmood

Waj   6/2/2010 4:48:53 PM
Dr Shaib He is the one whose lecture changed my life and made me a feraful person of Allah. Hope he is blessed with Allah's Rahma and be in Heaven. InshAllah Submitted By: Waj

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