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MUHAMMAD NISAR   11/23/2010 6:46:37 AM

AAMIR RIAZ   11/21/2010 12:05:51 AM
CONDOLENCE I am very feel sad about passing Dr. Israr Ahmed, because I think he was the greatest spokesman and very sound comments and given examples in valuable experience and clear and true lacture on selected topic. Allah may gives his sole to rest in the heaven. Allah may gives us direction and leader. Ameen Summa Ameen. Submitted By: AAMIR RIAZ

Usman Masood   11/13/2010 9:04:57 AM
Unforgettable Death I started reading his books from 1997. His "Bayan-ul-Quran" is a very good for the people who have no time to read lengthy commentaries of the Holy Quran. Two volumes have been published. I have almost all his books in my collection. His following books are my favorate: Dawat e Ruju ilal Quran ka Manzar o Pas Manzar, Haqeeqat-o-Iqsaam-e-Shirk, Jihad Bil Quran aur us k 5 mahaaz, Khutbaat e Khilafat, Rasool-e-Inqilaab (SAAW) ka tareeq-e-Inqilaab. You can download from the following links:,, May he rightly get his right in the life hereafter. Ameen. Submitted By: Usman Masood

Muhammad Usman   11/2/2010 8:17:41 AM
May Allah give us a like Dr.Israr Ahmad (Late) Assalam O Alaikom, i think i am the biggest fan of Dr. Israr Ahmad and i was shockes when i ask about his lose please spread his tallem to Mulim e Umma Submitted By: Muhammad Usman

DR RAIES AHMAD BHAT   11/1/2010 6:23:00 PM
Regarding the mission... In 2004 I heard a voice incidently on an fm station in Jammu... The voice was from the otherside. It was from Sialkot. It was the holy month of Ramzan. My friend told me about this voice that it is Dr Israr.. I was highly impressed by the presentation of Tarjamul Quran. I kept listening it for many days. Then this connection got broken down. In 2009 i purchased some dvds of Dr Saheb(RA) but couldnot see them. Now for the last 3 months i am getting emotionally attached to Tanzeem e Islami and this attachment is increasing day by day. Every Friday i wait eagerly for the Jumma Khutba and try to download it at the earliest. Dr Saheb's(RA) speeches are a great source of inspiration for any one with revolutionary ideas , anyone who wants to change the system , anyone who believes that Nizam e Mustafa(SAW) is the best system . Now in this regard i want to know about Tanzeem e Islami in Kashmir. Is there any branch in Kashmir? How to attach myself with you... Plz help me ... Dr Raies Ahmad f

Ali   10/30/2010 11:35:59 AM
End of a great chapter Dr Israr devoted his life towards Islam and his Tafaseer on Quran along with other subjects including current affairs and challenges faced by Muslim Ummah are a great roadmap for all of us. May Allah accept his contributions and reward him with Janat ul Firdous. Ameen PS: It would be great if we can help accumulate all his work onto a single on line portal for everyone to access. Submitted By: Ali

Shuaib Salamat   10/29/2010 2:59:31 PM
Feedback - Dr Israr Ahmed Alhamdolillah, i benefitted a lot from his Tafseer (Byyan ul Quran), that i put on my iphone (downloaded from and listen to it everyday. this is the best source for concise and comprehensive understanding of the Quran. i am listening to it for the 2nd time now. i love it and it helped me understand the Quran and has given the motivation to learn more. this is the best thing that has happened to me in my life (alhamdolillah). i recommend his Biyyan ul quran to anyone who wants to understand Quran. May allah reward him everytime someone benefits from his work. JAZAK ALLAH Submitted By: Shuaib Salamat

Humera Fatima   10/28/2010 11:20:17 AM
feedback. Assalamu Alliykom Dr. Israr Ahmed was a great muslim sculler. Submitted By: Humera Fatima

Muhammad Faraz Khan   10/27/2010 11:24:07 AM
Now we realize his importance more then before!!! Assalam-o-Alekum, This is a remarkable truth that we now realized his Emaan, commitment and loyalty with Islam, In his whole life we never privileged him like a Mujaddid, Yes he was a Mujjaddid of his time, he never ever talked about firqas and fitnas. He only delivered the correct message of Allah S.W.T and his beloved Rasool S.A.W.W from Qur'an and Ahadees. I am a newbie in Tanzeem but my relation with Dr.Sahab was very old. After joining his Tanzeem I respect him more then before. One of our sister said very well that we all are Sadqa-e-Jariya for him. He was a true Khadim of Allah, Rasool, Qur'an and Islam. May Allah bless him with Jannat-ul-Firdos Ameen Allah Humma Ameen. Submitted By: Muhammad Faraz Khan

mohammed choudhury -MI-usa   10/26/2010 3:34:56 PM
Dr. Israr Ahmed Changed my life - changed my life changed my life.......i can never thank Him...but i pray he seats next to prophet saws and enjoys and relaxes ...for his hard work......he deserve all the pleasure on jannah...inshAllah...zajaklalhukhairan.....Dr. Israr Ahmed my duah is with you . Submitted By: mohammed choudhury -MI-usa

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